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Getting Started

For Business Owners

IPPs and RCAs remain one of Canada’s least known, yet most effective tax-reduction strategies that enable entrepreneurs to secure a reasonable level of retirement income and in the process save thousands of dollars in tax.

Do you qualify?

These retirement strategies are ideally suited for:

  • An incorporated business owner, professional, or executive;
  • Earning T4 income of $100,000 +;
  • Age 40 to 71

To learn more about this retirement opportunity, contact your Financial Advisor or get in touch with DCI to request more information.

For Financial Advisors

You Administer the Assets,
We Administer the Plan.

We do not compete with your services, we complement them by offering you unique solutions for your clients seeking to maximize their retirement income. Similar to other registered plans, the assets of an IPP or RCA need to be invested and administered.

DCI’s expertise is in simplifying and managing the process from end to end, including preparing and presenting illustrations for you and your clients, annual and triennial regulatory reporting and providing ongoing support to all parties.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss business opportunities or specific client situations. Please get in touch for more information.


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